Are You A Member of The Family Of God?
There Is A Universal Error In Thinking On This Point

Most people think that all people are God’s children.
They Would Be Wrong.

You are not a child of God until you have given your life to Jesus.

Your prayers are not even heard, but rejected by God, until you become a part of the Family of God through faith, belief in, obedience to and acceptance of Jesus as Lord.

Job 35:9-15 (The Message)
9-15 "When times get bad, people cry out for help. They cry for relief from being kicked around, but never give God a thought when things go well.
People are arrogantly indifferent to God - until, of course, they're in trouble, and then God is indifferent to them. There's nothing behind such prayers except panic; the Almighty pays them no mind. So why would he notice you just because you say you're tired of waiting to be heard?”

Does God Hear And Answer The Prayers Of Those Who Reject Jesus?
Why should HE? Your rejection of Jesus as your LORD is your declaration to God that you want to have nothing to do with HIM. That it is YOU who is in charge of your own life. That you want to be your own god, working under your own power, behaving as you see fit and you have no interest in doing things HIS way.

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