and SAVIOR. HE calls the shots. HE leads the band. HE gives you your direction. (See Prayer of Salvation page 17)

Talk and pray to the LORD throughout the day and you will find your purpose and peace.

Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Love
Once you do these things, you will find a joy, love, protection, provision, healing, wisdom and power that you have never known.

Because you have placed yourself under God’s authority you now have been given HIS authority and power to do the things HE has called you to do.

You will have an inner peace, strength and eternal faith, that HE is in control of everything and you will never have to fear anything.

HE knows who you are, where you came from and why you are here (because HE created you and put you where you are) and HE knows where you are going.

Once you get this into your heart and mind, there is nothing that can shake you, for you know that HE holds you in his hand and HE can take you to the place that is the very best for you.

Some people say… that Jesus was just a Prophet, Good Man or Wise Teacher. That HE had some nice principles for living, but not for today - and HE certainly is not God.

You Would Be Completely Wrong
He Did Not Give You That Choice. Jesus Declared HIMSELF God.

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