The Prayer Of Salvation

LORD Jesus,
I am a sinner and have broken YOUR laws and rebelled against YOU.

I have ignored YOU as God, held myself above YOU and done things my way instead of YOURS.

I have lived for pride, pleasure, prestige, riches, fame and comfort instead of seeking YOU to find out what my real job is, why YOU put me here and what I am to do.

Please forgive me my sin and rebellion and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and accept me as part of the Family of God.
I am tired of doing things my way and ruining my life. I now repent and turn to YOU as Lord of my life. I yield my life back to YOU, the rightful owner.

I now, by my own choice, state my confession of faith - I believe that YOU were born of the Virgin Mary, YOU taught us how to live a life pleasing to God when you were here, YOU shed YOUR blood and died for my sin and the sins of the whole world, and YOU were raised from the dead by God the Father where you now sit at HIS right hand as Lord of all. And – I was put here to live to glorify YOU.

I now receive and accept YOUR sacrifice and YOUR shed blood on the cross as full payment for my sins, God's only way of salvation.

I also receive you as the LORD of my life. I will follow you wherever you shall lead me, for from this day forward, I am yours.

Come into me and teach me, give me YOUR Holy Spirit that I might live by your direction, love, peace, protection, provision, joy, wisdom, truth and power that I may experience the fullness of your blessings and please you in all I do.

Take my life and use me for what YOU created me for.

May I hear at my judgment, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” AMEN


If You Did Not Give Your Life To Jesus As Your Lord And Savior

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