Most People Think Heaven Is Their Birthright

First and foremost, the biggest problem that keeps most people from finding God is – we think we are already there, know it all and are living the right way! We all feel that we are born with a free ticket to Heaven. We believe that Heaven is our right, our predetermined destination – and - the only thing that could possibly keep us out of Heaven is a huge error, a major sin like murder that might kick us off our perfect and straight path to Heaven.

But… even then, no need to worry because we all know that God forgives us our sins. RIGHT?

We think, “God won't send me to Hell no matter what because I am a good person and he loves me. I live a good life in a good country. I am protected and safe. I am comfortable with who I am, what I do and I just feel that my eternal dwelling place in Heaven is secure.”

You Would Be Wrong.

The Scales Of Good Vs. Bad
Others would say, “Hey, I believe in the scales thing. As long as I

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