Someone Must Pay The Price For Your Sin
Will It Be Jesus Or You? Your Choice.

If you say NO to Jesus, God must stand behind HIS own rule of law, to allow you free will. HE will honor your request to spend eternity in Hell by refusing to accept HIS payment for your sin. Because Jesus Christ is God’s only provision to keep us out of Hell.

God Sends No One To Hell You Choose It Of Your Own Free Will

Get This Straight
Sin is disobedience and rebellion against God, not living out HIS purpose and plan for your life that HE gave you. Living your own way instead of HIS way. When you die, you will go to judgment. Every man and woman will stand before Jesus Christ, as their judge. There is no reincarnation or purgatory. There is no religion, no church, no man, no priest, no shrine, no idol and no philosophy that can save you. Jesus alone was appointed by God to be your Lord, Savior, Advocate and your Judge upon your death.

Your disagreement with this statement does not make you right.
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